My Vision

My vision for District 29 is simple.


I want higher wages for our workers so they can go home after a long day of work and not have to worry about being able to make rent or their mortgage payment. We need to prevent homelessness by supporting our workers. Most people are one pay check or disaster away from homelessness. Higher wages can alleviate that burden.

I want real help for the mentally ill who wander aimlessly around our streets and parks living in filth, un-showered, dirty clothes, and laying on concrete all because they are unable to receive long term care. No one deserves to live like that. Many of these folks are left out on the streets by family members who have passed away or just simply can not care for them anymore. Also, yes indeed many are sent here from the mainland.

I want strict penalties and enforcement of crimes. I'm tired of seeing our elderly being assaulted and robbed and I'm disgusted that those found guilty of crimes against children are let off the hook with minimal penalties. Our juducial system is laughed at by criminals and that needs to change.

I want sound economic policies that benefit not just the tourism industry, but benefit our workers and their families as well. We should be supporting our local businesses to ensure that our local entrepreneurs have a chance at success and to keep our local families & talent here in Hawaii.

I want to be able to walk around our community without having to step over piles of trash & without struggling to find parking due to a ton of abandoned vehicles. I want to be able to shop in Chinatown without smelling the scent of urine from homeless laying in front of shops & restaurants.

I want our tax money to be used to take care of our people and maintain our public spaces as it should be. I want an elected official who is visible in our community and that reaches out to constituents.

I want to be your State Representative.


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