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Updated: May 22

Aloha neighbors! The current Coronavirus situation is exposing just how hard this economy is for the working class. Most people were already one disaster or one paycheck away from homelessness. It's a scary situation for many people and many families in our community. Hopefully the following information can add a bit of relief for those who might be worried. You may or may not know that when I am not out helping in our community, my full time job is for the State of Hawaii, Dept. of Human Services, in the SNAP offices. Helping clients apply for SNAP & Financial benefits. I wanted to take this time to share some information on applying for SNAP as many folks have already been laid off or let go from their jobs due to the Coronavirus and many others simply need help to get by.  You can see if you qualify by going to and checking out the SNAP Income Limits chart on the page. If you have zero income, please come apply! SNAP is for anyone in need and there is no limit to how many people can be collecting at one time from the system as some people seem to think. If you would like to apply you can either download the application online, fill it out, and then fax, mail, or drop off the form to a nearby office. To download the application go here:  Offices are still open so you can also come in and fill out the application in person. A few things you will need to provide for each member on your application are:

1) A valid state I.D. (can be a passport as well or the City & County disability bus pass) 2) Social Security Card 3) Birth Certificate 4) Naturalization Certificate (if it applies to you) 5) Proof of income such as 2-3 months of pay stubs or verification you are no longer working. (This can be a letter from the employer.) If you are self employed or an independent contractor we have a simple form for you to put your projected or past income on and sign to verify. 6) Proof of expenses such as: rent/mortgage, electric, telephone, gas (cooking) If you pay cash to whoever you live with for rent or utilities just have them write a short letter stating so and how much. Be sure they sign and date the letter and provide contact information. If you have any questions feel free email or call me to ask and I'll do my best to answer them! Mahalo,

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