Public Workers Are Vital

It seems there is a misconception among people that there are State workers sitting at home collecting a pay check, but not working. That is a ridiculous thought and really a smack in the face to our hard working members.

There also seems to be a misconception about our jobs. As if they are a "one size fits all" skill. To think that you can just move employees around to different positions and they'll be just fine is such an irrational thought.

Recent news articles and statements by legislators have given an unrealistic portrayal about the positions like mine entail. Each position has it's own complexities with policy, state & federal guidelines, law, rules, regulations, etc.

For example: You could not take a worker from a secretary position and drop them into my position, because they would have zero clue about the federal program policies & laws that govern our work in SNAP. Also, they would have no clue how to operate our software and systems (Microsoft DOS), nor would they understand the coding we use in our cases.

In the end, we have a large and diverse pool of employees filling many vital roles across the state and to diminish our skill sets by suggesting we can just simply be shifted around is absurd.

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