Growth of Homeless Population in Chinatown is Unsustainable.

The past 4 years have seen a massive growth in the number of homeless living on the streets of Chinatown. This is unacceptable in many ways. First, it is negatively impacting our small local businesses. Second, it is a health and safety issue. Third, many of these individuals are mentally ill or addicted to drugs/alcohol. 

It is imperative that we make real moves on homeless solutions by reducing and preventing it from happening by implementing economic policies that benefit the working-class and low income at the same time we also need to strengthen our mental health resources.

We can no longer allow people to sleep on our sidewalks where they urinate and defecate. They are harming businesses and creating unsafe and unsanitary conditions for our residents

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#hawaii #honolulu #chinatown #kalihi #district29 #jameslogue



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