Leadership You Can Count On

James Logue is a proud combat veteran of the U.S. Army Military Police Corps.  His service in the Armed Forces spanned a total of 8 years and 5 countries.  During his army career he was able to travel around the world and immerse himself in various cultures and communities.  Throughout his eight years of service James took on a multitude of leadership roles and has earned several training certifications, military achievement and combat awards.  In 2007 James volunteered to take part on a special mission with Task Force 134 in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

James left the active duty army in July 2009 to pursue a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science at Hawai’i Pacific University that fall.  While studying at HPU, James took advantage of the benefits he earned through military service and used his Post 9/11 G.I. Bill to study abroad for 5 months in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  James became fully immersed in Brazilian culture, arts, community, and life.  He lived in an apartment in Copacabana, shopped at the local markets and interacted with Brazilians on a daily basis.  He described the Brazilian people as “Having the aloha of Hawai’i.” 

After completing his semester abroad, James decided he hadn’t fully achieved everything he wanted to accomplish in Brazil and decided to return again, but this time focusing on Portuguese language courses and teaching English at a local language school.

By living abroad in Brazil and other countries and having to learn new cultures and languages James was able to expand his mindset and mentality about the world and global issues.  He became more open minded and developed a new understanding of the issues facing different cultures and communities.  He was able to develop a better perspective when it comes to leading people of varying backgrounds and experiences.

After graduating from HPU with his BA in Political Science, James took a job as a legislative aide at the Hawai’i State House of Representatives where he worked for two Big Island legislators.  As a legislative aide he was able to truly put his leadershipand problem solving skills to good use.  Handling constituent issues to ensure they were solved to the best of his ability and getting answers for those seeking them was something he took great pride in.  James states: “No one likes the run-around and no one likes to feel their issue isn’t important.  It’s my passion to help people and provide solutions, especially when I am in a position that allows me to do so.”

James is extremely active and a well-known friendly face in the District 29 community.  He is a member of a variety of community organizations such as: Honolulu Chinatown Lions Club (HCLC), Chinatown Business and Community Association(CBCA), Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Kalihi Business Association, Singapore Club of Hawaii (SCH), Boys Bunch Honolulu, Hawaiian Lodge F&AM, and the Scottish Rite of Honolulu Valley.  Through these various organizations James proudly provides aid and assistance with different community services and outreach programs.  From raising money for keiki alongside Make-A-Wish Foundation, to helping ensure a healthy balance between businesses and the community with the CBCA, and cleaning up areas of the district and other various projects with the HCLC, James enjoys every moment and always looks forward to the next project.  James states: “The cornerstone of my beliefs lies in selfless service, charity, and relief.”

James has experience working full time as a legal assistant at one of Hawaii’s top family law firms, Coates & Frey, where he works closely with clients to provide them with the best possible service at what is often one of the hardest times in their lives mentally and emotionally.

Currently, James works for the State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services in the SNAP & Financial Benefits office located across our Aala Park. In his current position he helps assist client’s who are applying for state and federal benefits while at the same time serving as the Union Steward for his office for the Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA)

James is also serving his second consecutive term as Secretary to the O’ahu County Democratic Committee, Democratic Party of Hawai’i.  Working closely with elected officials and members of the Democratic Party, he helps to plan, organize, and execute various events and activities that benefit Democratic Party members on O’ahu.

James states: “My goal is to make our District a place that we can all safely enjoy and our keiki will be able to afford.  We should encourage our local businesses to excel and the ‘āina to flourish.  We MUST take care of our kupuna and educate our keiki.  It is my belief that education is the foundation of success.  Our children truly are the future of Hawai’i and thus we have to provide them with every tool necessary to succeed.  And, all of us must work together to end the homelessness by providing them with the services, tools, and help they need.”

He continues:  “My purpose for running is that I feel there is a lack of leadership and action from the state.  The people of District 29 are some of the lowest income earners on O’ahu, but are also some of the hardest working.  The people of District 29 deserve someone who will stand strong in the legislature to voice their concerns and fight for their interests.  From rail and OCCC to homelessness and Chinatown redevelopment we need a strong proponent of our collective interests as a community and I know I can be that voice.”



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