April 9, 2019

Bulky Item Pickup Issues

Before the City & County of Honolulu rolled out their Bulky Item Pilot Program they notified Neighborhood Boards in the areas being impacted. KHON 2 did a news story about the pilot project. I gave my opinion about the project. You can check out there story at the link below.

"James Logue, Chinatown neighborhood board: “(The city) wants to change it up. They want to do more of a sporadic thing. So if you have bulk trash to pick up, then you schedule it. And you schedule it for a specific time. So it’s not a set time every month,” James Logue explained." 

It's clear this issue has gotten out of hand even though the City & County continue to tell us everything is running smoothly.



July 15, 2019

New Pressure Washers Provide Some Relief for District 29 Businesses.

The Chinatown Business & Community Association - CBCA and Lieutenant Governor Josh Green,  and community members took part in a joint ceremony to bless 2 new power washers donated to the community by H4 and Lt. Governor’s office.

For too long the community has been asking and pleading with the city to provide more pressure washers to the area to clean up some very unsanitary conditions. 

The Lt. Governor’s office and community stakeholders came together to facilitate this donation and to ensure we have teams to put them to good use for the benefit of all of Chinatown Historic District.

This ceremony was very important as it marks the ceremonial cleansing of our Chinatown. It marks what we all hope is a new beginning of team work and cooperation by all for the health and welfare of our Chinatown, the residents, and the businesses.

Mahalo CBCA President Chu Lan Shubert-Kwock for organizing the ceremony and brining everyone together for this celebration. 


August 19, 2019

Chinatown Trash Ordinance Causing Issues


“The trash has to be bagged up now so they’re going out and buying the bags, they’re putting it out in the evening, but by the morning time they’re coming back and it’s all been spread out it’s all been ripped open.” Chinatown Business & Community Association member James Logue said.

“So they’re re-bagging the trash hoping that later that evening it survives that night so it can be picked up in the morning trash pickup.” he added.

City garbage collectors do not pick up trash that is not bagged.

Some in the area think the problem has crossed the line, now that it is effecting their bottom line. - KHON 2



September 30, 2019

Update - Abandoned Vehicles in Kalihi

During my campaign in 2018 I had gone around Kalihi reporting abandoned vehicles on many occasions. On one Sunday I reported around 22 abandoned vehicles in a 2 hours time period.

That story was picked up by Hawaii News Now and can be viewed in the link below. 

Abandoned vehicles are a state wide nuisance and the issue causes multiple problems for our communities from taking up very valuable parking spaces to creating environmental, health, and safety hazards.

This is something that must be addressed in order to create brighter and healthier communities for our families.

VIEW THE STORY ON HAWAII NEWS NOW HERE - December 19, 2018 update

October 2, 2019

Growth of Homeless Population in Chinatown is Unsustainable.

The past 4 years have seen a massive growth in the number of homeless living on the streets of Chinatown. This is unacceptable in many ways. First, it is negatively impacting our small local businesses. Second, it is a health and safety issue. Third, many of these individuals are mentally ill or addicted to drugs/alcohol. 

It is imperative that we make real moves on homeless solutions by reducing and preventing it from happening. We need to strengthen our mental health resources.

We can no longer allow people to sleep on our sidewalks where they urinate and defecate. They are harming businesses and creating unsafe and unsanitary conditions for our residents. 



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